Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trees: Can't See the Forest For 'Em

With the extremely able and generous assistance of Bushi, I've finally completed my sample project for the job interview. My cluelessness about Pagemaker and associated software knows no bounds; Bushi kindly took my document in hand, and turned it from a pile of lifeless text with randomly inserted images into a thing of beauty and refinement. In exchange for.....lunch. Admittedly, it was a very good lunch--but I'm very, very lucky to have such awesome friends.

Some of my other awesome friends assisted me by suggesting possible titles for my topic, which was "Trees."

"Trees: Nature's Phallic Symbols"
"Trees: Haven for Terrorists"
"Acorn to End Table: A Tree's Odyssey"
"Fear the Tree: A Million Dwarves Can't Be Wrong"
and my personal favorite:
"Silent But Deadly: When A Tree Falls in the Forest"

Ok, technically only one friend suggested all of those, but she's still awesome. And kind of sick. I told her I thought the end table one would make children cry....


Karen said...

I was happy to help. Please let us know how everything turned out. And it was an awesome tenderloin sandwich. :-)

Jane said...