Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wait, what?

July is rushing past me like a freight train; it's very disconcerting. The month just started, now it's nearly over, my dad's birthday was last week and mine is next week and holy crap what the hell just happened? Foosh.

I think part of the problem is I've been having some (minor) health issues in the past couple weeks, which have resulted in my coming home from work most days and crashing, maybe watching some tv, foraging in the fridge, reading a book and going to bed early. So I feel like I'm not really doing much of anything consequential lately. I'm travelling for work for most of this next week, so that'll shoot the rest of July and I can get a fresh start of laziness for August.

On the bright side, one of the great things about where I'm working is that my coworkers send me links like this one:
Real World Metropolis


Carl said...

Too bad there's no Green Arrow.

erin said...

Yay Robot Chicken!