Monday, May 7, 2007

Ding! Toast is ready.

OK, grading is done. Done-ish. I still need to go down to campus and determine whether anyone slipped a last-minute please-don't-give-me-an-F assignment into my mailbox. I somehow doubt it though. I do still have to figure out this whole online class I'm teaching; my style is so lecture based that I have a hard time understanding how I am going to convey all the coolness that is art appreciation in an online format. Mmmm.... maybe I'll link them to the Museum of Bad Art website for week #1....

I went to a concert on Friday, and I was going to do a post on "Why I am not a good concert-goer"--but think I will save that for the main blog. I'm not saying I don't like live music--far from it, I love going to shows both big and small when I can. I'm just saying I'm not anyone's ideal audience. Especially when it's a concert where 90% of the audience is taking the music very.....VERY.....seriously. My own ability to take any music that seriously is long ago impaired. I far prefer a relationship song by Christine Lavin to endless "you changed my life" or (conversely) "you ruined my life" sentimental chick with guitar songs--one or two is fine, but when it's more than 50% of the set list I do start squirming around a bit in the seat. And then Rat Girl whispers something funny, and I lose it completely. And then Coaster Woman punches us both. Yeah. I'm a bad concert-goer.


Lyndsey said...

Now, I'm not so sure 90% of the audience was serious about the singer. We had some serious obsessors RIGHT behind us that may have skewed our perceptions. It's possible there were other hecklers and we just couldn't hear them because of the din of one Rat Girl.
We can try again with someone less sapp-filled and hope that no one closely related to the singer is named Lucy.

The Wax Lion said...

dude, the people behind us were obsessed, but there were also the people in front of us with the camera (WTF?! You now have 50 identical pictures of a woman on a stage with a guitar, what is your problem folks?) and the people over on the other side who went "WHOOO!!!" every time she said anything. ("Yeah, so I'm from Maine--" "WHOOO!! MAINE!!" "--er, but now I live in Boston--" "WHOOO!!! BOSTON! YEAH BOSTON!!") She could have said she ate a dead frog for breakfast that morning and they'd have been all "DEAD FROG! THAT ROCKS!!"

85%, at least.