Sunday, May 13, 2007


Friday night, I played board games at a friend's house. His daughter was on the couch with a 103° fever. I didn't come within 10 feet of her, but apparently her plague aura had a longer radius than anticipated. Saturday, I started feeling a bit oogish. Saturday evening, my enjoyment of the Roller Derby was somewhat marred by an achy feeling in my chest and throat. (It was also marred by the worst hot pretzel I have ever been horribly overcharged for--who knew you could form kindergarten paste into a pretzel shape and then get some poor slob to pay $3.25 for it?) I stopped at CVS on the way home, picked up some Vitamin C, some Dayquil, and a new box of Kleenex. Then spent a semi-miserable night feeling my sore throat and congestion get worse by degrees until 5 am, when I took more Tylenol and symptoms receeded somewhat. Today I've been a pathetic lump all day; I finally went out and got some of that "Zycam" homeopathic stuff, and I'm going to try one of its little fizzy tablets right now. Hang on.

********** <---represents tablet dissolving on my tongue.

Ok, this is simultaneously more gross and less gross than I was anticipating. I'd envisioned something sort of alkaseltzery exploding in my mouth, and instead it's like mushy, vaguely-cherry flavored chalk. I'm not supposed to drink for 15 minutes after taking this thing, and so of course the one thing I want more than anything right now is to rinse my mouth and rid it of this grainy residue. Uk. Well, if it makes my cold go away faster I am all for it... but next time I think I'll get the nasal spray version of the stuff.


erin said...
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erin said...

Puffs are softer.

I'm jealous that everyone gets to see roller derby except me. We just started a team here but their first event (not even a match) sold out two days early and their first two or three matches have been times when I was either out of town or had something really important to do.

Oh, sorry about deleting that first comment, I wanted to edit it because I posted it accidentally, but no dice.

The Wax Lion said...

yeah. bloggers comment system still leaves much to be desired.

you can come here and see roller derby next season! I don't think ours can sell out, the sheep barn at the fairgrounds is pretty big and they don't seem to care that not everyone has a good view...