Tuesday, January 2, 2007

An Exercise in Futility

I'm applying for another job this week. It's at a place where I've applied for 4-5 jobs in the last two years.... I begin to feel like I should start my cover letters with "hello, it's me again, sorry to bother you." Actually, I feel like that with a lot of institutions around town. Merely making myself sit down and write the cover letter today was a bit of an achievement, and I also feel like I shouldn't be putting a lot of effort into it because I know they're looking for someone with a lot more experience in the field than I've managed to gather. So I'm grumbly.

Some of the grumble at the moment though is stemming from the fact that I've decided to put together a portfolio (a wise decision, as I've been telling people "Let me know if you'd like to see my portfolio!" Good if I could back that up.) I actually have a number of projects which will look quite shiny in said portfolio; the grumbles come in with the fact that a number of them are a long series of single-page documents in Adobe Illustrator, a fantastic program which I barely explore the potential of. This means printing takes FOREVER. I've been printing for an hour and I've only got about 15 pages of one of my projects done. And I've not even gotten to the pages with the hi-res photos of actual artwork. Still, I'm getting it done, and should have an actual zip binder full of projects to show off by the end of the week. Here's hoping I get someone to show them to!


atta said...

You've been blogrolled. Or maybe that's posserolled. Although that sounds a bit violent.

I don't like signing in with my google account...where's my 'other' option? *pout*

-Little Bear-

The Wax Lion said...

Yeah, I don't like it either. But enetation has been so screwed up lately I'm not really inclined to set it up on this blog. Bah. Stupid new google blogger. I'll see if I can make it accept anonymous comments.