Friday, February 16, 2007


I'm about out of my funk (well, the most recent one, I'm sure I'll have another soon. I'm due to find out I didn't get the uber job any day now. In retrospect, I should've waited to buy the suit.) I've finally been forced to migrate my other blog to New Blogger, and so far nothing disastrous seems to have happened. One thing I do like in New Blogger is the ability to tinker with my template on the fly, as evidenced by my continual adding of links in the last week. Old Blogger required you to go into the template html, and dig around to find where you wanted to stick your new link, and then copy and paste code from existing links to make sure what you did matched up. New Blogger gives you this keen little toolkit icon when you're logged into Google, that lets you add links to the roll on the side of the blog pretty much at will. So I've been going "oh yeah, I forgot to add so-and-so!" to my little blogroll all week, and I've added a few comics that I've picked up in my daily reading regimen. I've finally added Beaver and Steve, which is sometimes a little sick, but usually impresses me with its all-out weirdness; and Questionable Content, which didn't impress me the first couple times I ran across it but now it's grown on me a bit--we'll see if I stick with it. Animals Have Problems Too isn't to everyone's taste, but there's something about it that just hits my funny bone consistantly--I'm even thinking of buying his book, and I've not even done that with Sluggy, my first and best internet comic love.

I'm debating putting PvP on there, even though I do read it daily. Not sure why, other than that I've been finding it less and less funny lately, and Scott Kurtz's persistant ranting about the cruel unfairness of a world that won't let him easily transition from webcomics to newspapers gets on my nerves. Come on, dude--your comic is targeted at a very narrow market, in the grand scheme of things, and wouldn't fly to the average newspaper reader; there's nothing wrong with being a webcomic. If you wanted to be in print medium, you need to be doing something that appeals to a wider range of ages/interests/personality types. Hell, I'm a big ol' nerd, and half the time I don't get the joke in PvP coz it's about World of Warcraft, or an in-joke about Penny Arcade, which I don't read.... So I get annoyed with PvP, and keep thinking I'm going to stop reading it, and so I've not added it to my list. Kind of lame, really. Much like this post! But I figure, even if you didn't like the post, you can go read some of the comics...

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kyree said...

Um... what's funny about Sluggy? It's kinda weird.