Saturday, February 24, 2007


I have 260 exams to grade. Boo.

I'm almost done with a project I've been working on for a year. Yay!

The online class I'm teaching is yomping my ass. Boo.

I made it through the first cut of candidates for the job I interviewed for last month. Yay!

Now there's another 3 weeks of tension in store before the next cut. Boo.

I don't have an abcess in my lower left wisdom tooth, which would probably eventually require oral surgery. Yay!

I have to get another crown instead, requiring approximately $700. Boooooo.

It's been a fun week! I'm also still trying to get my downstairs den back in order, which involves going through every damn thing I took out of there (boo) and either keeping it, Goodwilling it, or selling it on ebay. Last week I got $20 for a Playmobil toy I've had for 10 years; apparently there are people who collect that stuff just as rabidly as I do Star Wars figures or Green Arrow merchandise. (I'm thinking of spending my ebay proceeds on some original Mike Grell artwork.... it's like Geekswap.) This week I have 8 people avidly watching my auction for a box set of the Paranoia RPG--I'm hoping this will result in a brutal bidding war on the last day. And there's oh so much more to sell. Joy, joy. But there's also all the stuff I can't sell, or don't want to sell, or need to keep ("Hey! So that's what happened to my copy of my 2004 tax return!") and going through it piece by piece is just fabulously slow and boring. I'll finish.... but it's not fun.


Ursa said...

Congrats where applicable, sucks where applicable, and sounds like you need a beer!1 Sometime this week would be good for me, probably Wednesday or Thursday if you wanted to make it dinner-and-a- and didn't mind me in stanky nurse's clothes. And didn't mind my need to be asleep by 10:30.

Call me, yo.

The Wax Lion said...

I could go for that. Email me, yo, and we'll make a plan!